Launching React Native Taxi App 4.0.0

New Look, Crash Reporting, Google Navigation for Driver, and more!

We are excited to announce the launch of React Native Taxi App 4.0.0! Taxi App is a well-structured app that comes with backend support and has fully customizable pages. It also has a rich collection of UI elements that have been specifically designed to help you create your ideal Taxi App.

This is a bold and flexible React Native solution that is best suited for developing high-quality mobile apps by making use of ready-made tools.

Taxi App has multiple screens and features that will allow you to extend the functionality of you app. Taxi App uses React Native along with NativeBase, which in turn will help you develop world-class app experience on native platforms.

We have used Create React Native App to build Taxi App. This is to allow you to work with all the React Native components and APIs, along with all of the JavaScript APIs that are provided by Expo.

What Does It Contain?

  • Mobile App (Rider & Driver)
  • Admin Web Dashboard
  • API Server

Mobile App (Rider & Driver)

The Mobile App is built using the following technologies:

And here’s the code structure of the Mobile App:

|_ actions
|_ components
|_ middleware
|_ reducers
|_ services
|_ themes
|_ utils

Taxi App 4.0.0 brings many new things to the Mobile App

  • Driver App is given a new look. We have added features like Sidebar and new Driver-specific pages like Earnings page, Settings Page and more.
  • We have added new functions to the Driver App. Drivers can now upload profile pictures and also upload documents like Driver’s Licence and Registration Certificate book. This is to ensure that only valid drivers can use the service.
  • The Rider can now add their home & work address and also add emergency contacts.
  • Available/Unavailable feature added to Driver App.
  • Google Map support has been added to the Driver App for navigation.

Admin Web Dashboard

The Admin Web Dashboard is built using the following technologies:

And here’s the code structure of the Admin Web Dashboard:

|_ components
|_ config
|_ containers
|_ pages
|_ redux
|_ resources
|_ services
|_ styles
|_ utils

Taxi App 4.0.0 brings many new things to the Admin Web Dashboard:

  • All the dependencies have been upgraded to their latest versions.
  • User details can be viewed and approved.
  • Map view for current location.
  • Admin can create new Rider & Driver.
  • Localization support has been added

API Server

The API Server is built using the following technologies:

All the dependencies are updated their latest versions.

Here’s the code structure of the API Server :

|_ controllers
|_ helpers
|_ models
|_ routes
|_ service
|_ socketHandler
|_ templates

In the End

This new update has made Taxi App even more amazing than before. To sum it all up, here are all the things that the Taxi App is now capable of performing:

This new update of Taxi App is brought to you by the awesome developers at GeekyAnts. Special mention needs to be given to Gaurav Guha, Rishabh Pandey and Krishna M.S. who have been working constantly on this project for past several months.

Please do check out our Taxi App and let us know what else you would like us to do with your feedback.

I am Rajat S, currently at Geekyants as a Technical Content Writer.

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