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Develop Taxi Applications with our Taxi App Solution

The mobile app industry is currently going through a kind of digital gold rush. In order to stay relevant and be deemed as successful, all that a business needs to have is a great mobile app linked to its name. In fact, most business don’t even that much of infrastructure. All you need to make it big is an app that is capable of catching and holding onto the user’s attention.

A great example of such a business would be Uber, a global transportation company that today has spread in over 633 cities worldwide since its inception back in 2009. All this with just an app! Uber doesn’t even have their own drivers or even their own cars.

So what if you want to create your own app to help you sell services like transportation, food delivery, courier services, flower delivery, or even things like plumbing and massage services.

You could try to hire some programmers to help you create your app from scratch. But that would take at least 6 months and cost a whole lot of money in order to pay your developers and things.

Instead you could use Taxi App by GeekyAnts, the ideal starter kit to help you create your very own Taxi services app and get a huge head start in today’s competitive market.

What Is A Taxi Services App?

Taxi Services is this idea of connecting consumers with services. So if Uber connects consumers with taxis, Taxi Services app will connect connect consumers with home, courier services, flower delivery, and more.

The arrival of businesses like Uber has caused sweeping transformations in the mobile app industry. Competing with rivals and then tasting success in this flourishing business concept is hard-hitting. With a Taxi Services app, businesses can easily develop their apps with all the required features.

Taxi App by GeekyAnts

We present to you Taxi App! An app script that has everything you will ever need to create an Taxi Services app. This taxi app solution has User Interface elements provided by Redux and our very own NativeBase. We have also made server setup easier for you by providing Backend Integration.

But what makes our Taxi App source code really special is this thing called React Native, which is a JavaScript library that helps developers write cross-platform apps.

What we really mean here is while normally a developer would need to write two separate codes for the same app (one for Android devices and another for iOS), by using React Native we only have to write the code once and it will work for both Android and iOS devices.

Our taxi app is specially developed to help any business owner to easily create the app that they need. You can use taxi app to sell any kind of services like hire a carpenter/plumber/electrician, order food, book transportation, or even book a doctor.

Taxi App provides you with the most advanced features that are implemented in a simple & user-friendly format that make for an easy experience for both the users and the business owners. Some of these features are:

Flexible Login Option

Every user, whether as Driver or as Rider can login through multiple options like Facebook, Google Plus or even regular sign-in.

GPS, Map Navigation and Routes Drawing

Taxi App comes with in-app navigation. This technique allows users to navigate deep into, as well as across, your content hierarchy. Say the user wants to book a taxi but the driver has delayed to reach the pick-up point. Through Taxi App, you track the live movement of the driver and know exactly how long it would take him to reach to you.

Notifications and Communication

Admin can send push notification to users through the Backend. Additionally, a rider can contact their driver through the app itself.

Payment System

We have provided you with an app that comes with a very secure payment system. We have adopted STRIPE payment gateway. STRIPE provides you with a technical, fraud preventive banking infrastructure for operating online payments for your users.

User Details

Users can easily add, edit, or delete any of their own profile information.

Drivers will need to upload documents like insurance, RC Book, Driver Licence, Vehicle permit to gain full access to the app.

Ratings & Reviews

Both Drivers and Riders can share their star rating and provide reviews about each other once the service is completed.

What Will You Get Here?

The Taxi App comprises of 4things:

  • Rider Mobile App
  • Driver Mobile App
  • API Server
  • Web Admin Dashboard

The Rider App is for your end users. The Users will use this app to gain access to the your services.

Scan this QR Code using Expo App to get a demo the Rider App

Web Dashboard like the command centre of your app. Say you have created a Taxi App. Now using the web dashboard, you can view the list of drivers and riders. Also, you can update their credentials like SMS, Email-Id, API key, etc. You will have complete control of your app can decide who can get access to the app, either as a driver or as a rider.

Web Dashboard gives you complete control over the functioning of you app. The data derived by the dashboard can also help you create future business moves.

We also provide you with a Driver App, which can be used by people that are working for you. So if your company provides flower delivery services, the Driver App will be used by the Deliverer. The Driver App can be used to know certain details about the customer, and can also be used for Navigation. The App can also send out Push Notifications to the customer to let him know the Arrival Status.

Scan This QR Code using the Expo App to get a demo of the Driver App

This Taxi App solution also comes with backend support. We have used to technologies like NodeJS, MongoDB, and many more in order to help you setup a server for your app. The server provides you with numerous services like passport and JWT authentication.

Tech Stack

We have used many different technologies to bring you the best Taxi App solution.

Driver App/Rider App

Web Dashboard

API Server

With great technologies like these come greater features. We recently updated our Taxi App to version 4.0.0! Here is a list of things that the Taxi App is now capable of performing:

We created Taxi App to provide businesses with a platform where anyone can build their own Uber-for-X App by customizing the screens and features to suit their own business.

Special mention needs to be given to Gaurav Guha, Rishabh Pandey and Krishna M.S. who have been working constantly on this project for past several months.

Please do try out our Taxi App and let us know what else you would like us to do with your feedback.

I am Rajat S, currently at GeekyAnts as a Technical Content Writer.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to 👏 and follow me to stay updated with all the exciting things happening at GeekyAnts.